Our products and services give you a unique offering that sets you apart from your competition. In addition, you will generate increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How do I become a reseller?

We welcome inquiries from doctors, salons, med spas, clinics, beauty supply stores, independent estheticians and other professionals interested in our products.

Please complete and submit the online application to get the process started. Try to be complete and give us as much information about your business as possible. PLEASE NOTE: We are contacted by hundreds of people each week. In order for us to reply with the right information, we need to understand your business. Website and social media links are also very helpful. Once we have enough information, we will review your application and reply to you asap.

Is this service safe?

Yes, (when used as directed) our products are formulated to be very safe and mild. They are produced using high-quality ingredients in top USA labs. We even had them independently dermatologist tested for irritation and allergies. Further, we conduct extensive “live salon” testing before releasing any products to the public. Over the past five years, this treatment has been performed on thousands of people of all skin types without any negative issues. Safety is very important to us.

Can I perform the service after a waxing/sugaring?

Yes, our In-House Service is a perfect add-on to an existing hair removal appointment. In most cases, it is completely safe to perform the treatment piggybacked on top of a waxing or sugaring treatment. Just make sure that the client is not irritated from any other products or services before performing.

Can I perform the treatment after a laser hair removal treatment?

Yes. But many laser clinics prefer to book separate appointments in between laser sessions to avoid any issues.

How long does the service take?

The service should take from 10-20 minutes to perform. This will mostly based on how much consultation is required and how many questions the client has. Also how many areas.

Can I combine the SB products with any other company’s products?

No. Since we do not know the ingredients or strength of other company’s products, we cannot recommend this. Our products are specifically formulated and tested to be used together in a safe, non-irritating way.

What type of results should my client’s expect from the first service?

They should expect a visible difference from the first visit. Our extensive, “live-salon” testing showed an immediate brightening of 1-5 shades. Of course, results depend on the cause and severity of the discoloration. Everyone is different. Further results will require consistent at-home usage and/or follow up visits.

Do I have to give them take home items as part of the service?

While it is not required, we highly recommend including take home items to continue progress towards the quickest and best desired results. We have the SB Gel for Sensitive Areas as well as the SB Instant Results Kit for take home, as well as our full line of skin brightening products for different areas of the body. If you are not sure which products to offer, please contact us for help with recommendations.

What areas of the body can I perform the service on?

Our in-house brightening service can be performed on all areas of the body. The most common areas of the body are the front and back bikini area, underarms and face. However, the products are safe and gentle enough to be used on all parts of the body wherever the client has a dark discoloration issue.

How should I price the service?

Pricing should be similar to your other services. In our initial consultation, we can help you and give you some guidelines.

Many resellers will also offer packages including a waxing, brightening service and take home for a special price.

In the end, the program is flexible to offer the most attractive package for your clients.

What kind of training do you provide?

Your success is very important to us. Therefore, we fully support you with a complete training program. Our Online Training University contains lots of great information including training videos and sheets regarding our in-house service protocol as well the take home products.

In addition, we offer live training by appointment.

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